Congo Cooking Banana (Hard Green Banana)


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When you think of Cooking Bananas, the first brand of green bananas that comes to mind is Congo Cooking Bananas. We have the #1 sold cooking bananas in the United States!

Unlike Ripe (Yellow) Bananas, cooking bananas are used to, well, COOK! The bananas are harvested in a way that is meant to stay green longer than bananas harvested to ripe. 

Grown in Costa Rica.


Here are details about the weight and the quantity of the product in each of the box sizes (weight is net and amount of pieces depends on the size of the fruit):


5 lbs, 10-15 pieces


8 lbs, 18-25 pieces


12.5 lbs, 25-36 pieces

Our cooking bananas are grown in our 700 acre farm in Limon, Costa Rica. Learn more below. 

Congo Cooking Banana from Francisco Verdecia on Vimeo.


Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your interest!