Congo Pepino Melon


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Congo Pepino Melon is an oval-shaped, smooth-skinned fruit native to South America. It is also known as Pepino Dulce, or sweet cucumber in Spanish. The Pepino Melon turns from green to yellow as it ripens and develops striking purple stripes when mature. 

As it ripens it gives off a deep, sweet smell – rather like a cantaloupe. Pepino Melons have a pear-like texture and a mellow cantaloupe-cucumber flavor.

Pepinos are often enjoyed in fruit or spinach salads or cut in half and serve individually, topped with a sprinkling of fresh lemon or lime juice and chile powder.

If the creamy yellow background skin areas have a greenish tint, ripen pepinos at room temperature, uncovered and out of the direct sun. Once ripe, pepinos are fragrant and will yield slightly to pressure.


Here are details about the weight and the quantity of the product in each of the box sizes (weight is net and amount of pieces depends on the size of the fruit):


4 lbs, 7 - 10 Pieces


6-7 lbs, 12 - 15 Pieces


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