Cooking Bananas For Lunch: A Healthy And Yummy Alternative

Franky VerdeciaJanuary 29, 2021

Can you eat green bananas? Yes! Cooking bananas, eaten green and unripe are like healthy potatoes which can be steamed, roasted, fried into your next meal. Carrying a crisps or soft texture when cooked. They are served as delicious green-banana-recipes in locations like the Caribbean, Jamaica, South and Central America....

Congo Tropicals Hurricane Eta and Iota Relief Efforts

Franky VerdeciaNovember 30, 2020

Iota has passed over Providencia & Saint Ketlina as a Cat 5 Hurricane Leaving the island with 98% of damages on its infrastructure, there is no hospital, airport or refugies standing, people are in the streets with no water, food, clothes or medical supplies.