Malanga Isleña (Yautia Isleña) (Shipping Included)


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Malanga Isleña, or Yautia Isleña, is a starchy root with a round, hairy, rough texture that grows in a variety of sizes. Its white flesh is similar to a white malanga. Often used as a potato or yam substitute, it can be baked, cooked, mashed, the sky is the limit to experiment with this uncommon vegetable. Its taste is similar to yuca or potato with earthy, nutty notes.

Grown in Costa Rica.


Here are details about the weight and the quantity of the product in each of the box sizes (weight is net and amount of pieces depends on the size of the fruit):


3 lbs, 2-3 pieces


8 lbs, 8-10 pieces


11.5 lbs, 9-12 pieces


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