Cooking Bananas For Lunch: A Healthy And Yummy Alternative

Cooking Bananas For Lunch: A Healthy And Yummy Alternative

June 20, 2022

Can you eat green bananas? Yes! Cooking bananas, eaten green and unripe are like healthy potatoes which can be steamed, roasted, fried into your next meal.

Congo Cooking Bananas

Carrying a crisps or soft texture when cooked. They are served as delicious green-banana-recipes in locations like the Caribbean, Jamaica, South and Central America. These bananas provide higher potassium levels than ripe bananas. Helping your body regulate your metabolism while conserving its high source of vitamin C.




Where are Cooking Bananas?


With more than 1,000 types of bananas growing in 150 countries and the poor luck of most Americans living in a low “banana growing climate” a variety of bananas are cut short in your local farmers market. Missing out on the variety types of the most consumed fruit in the U.S.


Luckily, Congo Tropicals based in Miami delivers these yummy green fruits right at your door. In the farm, Bananera Los Laureles, located in Limón, Costa Rica, Congo assures to offer the best of cooking bananas harvested from “Gran Enano.” A plant that produces top quality and quantity. Later, packed in “Banavac,” a package made to preserve the “green life stage” of the banana. Conserving its green roots for the perfect dish.


With 150 direct employees working on the 240 hectares of banana production many stories like Magalys Bejarano Segura’s are created. Magalys is the head department of harvest and her arrival goes back to May 18, 1990.


Magalis Congo Cooking Banana from Costa Rica

She quotes “they give houses to the administrative employees, the workers, to daily workers. There is a bachelor’s quarter, there is a school, a dispensary, a football field, there is a surveillance system, an alarm system. There is also a medical system for all workers. Everything is centralized.”

Magalys says that “it’s very rare that workers go to another farm because they have love for their work.”


Why Cook Bananas?


Besides, carrying a high nutritional value like fiber as a side dish. Cooking bananas are simply organically delicious. Rafael Hidalgo the director of production affirms that in the 21 years of their farming production “we have not applied any chemicals. This has allowed us to have a more friendly ecosystem with the environment and less erosion in the plantation.” He explains that when heavy rain takes place and such chemicals are applied then the nutrients and other benefits could be washed away. That’s why, to produce high quality produce such chemicals are not used.

Limon Costa Rica Congo Cooking Banana Farm

“The people have commented that it has a distinct sweet taste. It is a banana with a certain amount of sugars that allows it to have a diversity sweeter taste” says Rafael.



How to make a delicious plate?


Very popular in Jamaica, cooking banana fries are great with chicken, rice, or alone as a snack. In addition, they can be a great healthy alternative to add more fiber in your diet while enjoying a delicious cheat meal, without cheating.

Congo Cooking Banana Fries


Congo’s Cooking Bananas
Garlic powder and/or spices (optional)
Coconut oil, olive oil, or any oil to fry



1. Chop the ends of the banana
Make sure they are green.
2. Peel each banana
3. Cut in half
4. Proceed to cut each half like a french fry strip
5. Season
6. Heat oil to medium-high
7. Fry until golden
8. Serve and wait for cool down
9. Enjoy!


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